Campbell’s Gourmet Bisques


I tried two of the new Campbell’s Gourmet Bisque soups the other day. I had high hopes for both of them. The flavors sounded really good and I usually like the more “gourmet” soups in boxes that they sell instead of that in cans. I’m not sure if it’s a mental thing, or if they are really better. I loved the smell of the tomato coconut one when I opened the container and was heating the soup, however I was not a fan of the flavor. It just tasted weird to me. I’ve never had this soup “for real” at a Thai restaurant, so I have nothing to compare it to. It didn’t taste like a tomato with a really strange seasoning. Again, it smelled wonderful in the box so I was expecting to like it, but I just didn’t. I ended up not eating most of it. The sweet potato soup was a little better, but again it was overall not something I enjoyed. I eat and cook a lot of soup and neither of these will be purchased again.


Bad Hawaiian Bread from Walmart

I’ve made some really delicious Hawaiian bread back when I had a bread machine (sold it due to not using it enough) I think this is the Hawaiian bread I made, but I’m not sure, I don’t remember bananas in it. But the bread has a great sweetness, but NOT cake like, still bready, and has a good pineapple coconut flavor. It was amazing!

I’ve always wanted to have some again, so I got excited when I saw Walmart was selling some Hawaiian rolls, I was a little doubtful when the front said “artificial flavor” but I bought them nonetheless. I should have trusted my instincts however, I couldn’t even finish one roll. Yuck!

Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna

I ended up making the Vegetable Lasagna the other day, and it was amazing! I’ll definitely make it again. Other things I’ve cooked recently: Chicken Ragout (bad), Mushroom Risotto (yumtastic) and a vegetable pasta dish with zucchini and mushrooms (also good!).

More Food Reviews

This dressing was absolutely gross. It has way too many spices in it, I scaled it down to 10 servings and put it on top of a greek pasta salad, but I ended up not using all it made and I only added about 1/2 the red wine vinegar it called for or it would have been way to sour.

On a better note, today I made cucumber sandwiches. I never had them before, ever. I would say they are good, but not something I would crave or eat all the time. They have a nice light fresh flavor. I used fresh dill and butter bread with the crust cut off, but otherwise I followed this recipe to make them.

cucumber sandwiches


I made this Bruschetta over the weekend. I would say it turned out good, it could have used more garlic, I preferred the tomato mixture cold, so next time I would brush the bread with garlic and oil and melt just the cheese on the bread and scoop the cold tomato mixture on afterwards. Pretty good though.


Lentil Soup

I made lentil soup for the first time yesterday, it turned out yummy. The only changes I made to the recipe were using 5 cups veggie stock and 3 cups water instead of all water. The soup came out thick instead of watery which I was surprised about. It has a great flavor and is very healthy since it’s a vegetarian soup. I also got a pair of plastic food safe gloves because I was sick of my hands smelling like garlic for a week after chopping it.

Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple, and Lentil Soup

I wanted to make something different and I found this recipe on that sounded interesting, I like all the ingredients, and really wanted to try something new. I was worried about it being spicy, but it’s actually sweet from the sweet potatoes and has a Thai or Asian feeling to it! I like it! See photo!

sweet potato soup

I don’t think it overwhelmingly tastes like sweet potatoes, regardless of the overwhelming amount that make up the soup. It reminds me a little bit of butternut squash soup, but with sweet potatoes instead of squash and with a different spicy flavor.

If you try to make it, I don’t know what the hell RED Lentils are but I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I just bought the regular greenish lentils (uncooked in the bag) and they are fine. I also got shredded carrots so I didn’t have to cut those and I used a mandolin to cut the sweet potatoes into slices like chips and then just chopped those pieces in half and I don’t know why you would puree this, it’s fine as is. I don’t like onion, but I didn’t omit onion, but I found the smallest one they had and only used half of it, my belief is that you need a tiny bit of onion in soup for flavor, but that’s it, I don’t want to taste it in there and it’s fine like that. I didn’t top with yogurt because I don’t like it, but again, it’s fine just the way it is.

The best thing about making soup is you don’t have to worry too much about cooking directions, you basically just throw ingredients in a pot and cook until everything gets soft and it’s great re-heated over and over again and usually tastes better the second time.