Shopping Bags

I’ve been making some quick and easy reusable shopping tote bags. I’m planning to sell them at an upcoming yard sale. I had this red gingham fabric from years ago, it’s a great way to use up old fabrics!

shopping tote bag




I’ve been sewing since high school, but I’ve been busy in recent years and haven’t done much of it anymore. I recently got back into it and have been sewing non-stop lately. I made this handmade purse:

purse sewing

It’s fun and I really enjoy it. Follow my Sewn Things board on pinterest to see ideas of sewing projects and products that I love and things I want to make! I didn’t use a pattern to make this purse, I just took a shape I liked and made a belt at the top so I can wrap different ribbons or things around depending on my mood.

Bad Hawaiian Bread from Walmart

I’ve made some really delicious Hawaiian bread back when I had a bread machine (sold it due to not using it enough) I think this is the Hawaiian bread I made, but I’m not sure, I don’t remember bananas in it. But the bread has a great sweetness, but NOT cake like, still bready, and has a good pineapple coconut flavor. It was amazing!

I’ve always wanted to have some again, so I got excited when I saw Walmart was selling some Hawaiian rolls, I was a little doubtful when the front said “artificial flavor” but I bought them nonetheless. I should have trusted my instincts however, I couldn’t even finish one roll. Yuck!

My cat Smokey


This is my cat Smokey!

Atlas shrugged 2

It looks like they are actually making atlas shrugged part II, I never thought it would get made after seeing the first part, but it seems like they have re-cast dagny taggart? that seems pretty odd in a two part film to recast the leading roll mid way through, that would be like watching a movie and half way though they changed the actor to someone else? I’m sure part II will be just as bad as the first movie, but I still can’t wait to see the secret village of smart people.


My friend and I are devoted shark tank viewers and she had to try the Kisstixx chapstick after seeing it on the show, it’s supposed to cause a reaction on your lips when you kiss someone wearing it, but she said that after using it, she did not get the tingly sensation that they promised.

Dream Craft Room

I’ve been seeing craft rooms on Pinterest and I really want to set up a proper arts and crafts space in the house. At least some shelves or something over my desk to hold supplies. I want a rod for ribbon spools (even though I don’t have much ribbon), I want a standing height craft counter, I want a million organized bins to store things in all labeled. A glass front cabinet where you can bask in the glory of organization. The list goes on and on.