Getting Rid of Old Clothes


If you go through your closet, don’t you find that there are clothes that you just don’t like anymore, that were uncomfortable to wear when you wore them last, or that are worn out, have holes, or got ruined in the wash, or have stains? All these type of things it should be easy to get rid of! I know there are a lot of clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in years and have no intention of wearing.

I read on a blog somewhere that you should put all your clothes on their hangers backwards. When you wear them and wash them, put them back away turned the right way. Then, after a few months, you have an accurate picture of which clothes you are using and which you aren’t. But sometimes you don’t need to come up with a project to determine that you aren’t using things. Also, it’s harder to keep at something if you make a huge project out of it, maybe just look through a few things at a time and if you find something that meets the above criteria, get rid of it. The hanger thing is a good idea, I just think adding another layer of “work” to something might be more “work” than is needed. Also, I have some clothes I don’t wear or can’t fit into, but I never know when I might need them again, so I just keep the stuff that I know I really liked or still like, and then give away things I never use, but that are still wearable, or cut up old worn out things for household rags.

And if your not sure about something, put it on right now! Wear it for a day and see if you still like it.


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