LG Optimus Elite

I’ve decided to switch to Virgin Mobile when my current cell phone contract is up. Apparently they have unlimited web, text & 300 voice minutes for only $35 dollars a month. I’ve also read that if you buy a phone and don’t activate it, you can still use mobile hotspots and wi-fi to use the web and apps which is really why I want to get the smartphone for 24×7 everywhere internet access. I was about to go get a phone (the LG Optimus V was going to be my choice) tomorrow, but now I just searched online and found out that a newer model is going to be released in May called the LG Optimus Elite. I haven’t had a smart phone yet, this is going to be my first one, so I’m not sure whether I should stick to the original plan to try one out before my regular phone’s contract is up, or wait for this newer phone in a month and then just cancel and switch right away. I’m not a “techy” person per say, but I don’t want to be outdated when I finally make the jump to “new” technology!


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