Can’t Decide What to Make

I’m trying to decide between two dishes to make tomorrow. Either I want to do this Vegetable Lasagna – but I’ve made veggie lasagna twice before and it’s never been as good as the time I had it in Disney World at one of those murder mystery shows. I’ve always longed for that veggie lasagna. I’ve tried it just making regular lasagna, but substituting veggies instead of meat, but it was always just okay. Then one time I made a recipe from scratch including the noodles, but that one used a lot of onions and cottage cheese and had a white sauce and it didn’t taste like lasagna at all. I would have called it something else entirely. I like that in the recipe I’m considering it roasts the veggies first. And I’m desperate for mushrooms lately.
The other thing I have a recipe for in a cookbook is a French Chicken & Olive Ragout. I’ve always wanted to make something with green olives in it! Because I LOVE green olives, but recipes usually call for black. So, I’m drawn to this recipe because I saw it uses green olives and turnips, which I’ve been wanting to try again, the last time I had turnips was about 6 years ago!

I’ll probably make both things eventually, but I can’t decide which to make first!


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