Sweet Potato Fries

I read this about how to make sweet potato fries. I made some changes to emulate a restaurant that went out of business a few years ago that had amazing “Sweet Potato Sunspots” so I made them round. That site says to cook for only 15 minutes, but I ended up cooking for way longer 35 minutes and they really aren’t crispy, but they didn’t brown or darken at all, which is good! Then I just put brown sugar, a little bit of salt and the caramel sauce (stuff for ice cream in a squeeze container). I wanted a little bit more of a coating, so either I should use more cornstarch, some other coating, or deep fried them. I soaked them for an hour in water like the site says, I think I put more cornstarch on then recommended already, but they were not hardening on the outside, they were just sticking to my cookie sheet? So I don’t know, I might look for some other recipes that suggest some seasoning. I debated whether to put some cinnamon on too, but I didn’t want that taking over the flavor. I would give them 4 out of 5 stars, but with some testing and modifications I’m sure they could be perfect. I’m making them for the second time on Saturday.

sweet potato fries


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