Heeled ankle boots and a Sweater Dress

Back to the 80’s style, I remember I had an aqua sweater dress with a white lace bow that I received in the 80’s as a Christmas gift. I’m not sure if I’ve ever owned a pair of heeled ankle boots, but I’d love a pair to wear to a wedding coming up!

Update: I went out shopping for these and major fail… all the pairs of ankle boots I tried felt too “steep” for me? Like the angle of the heel was too much that it was so uncomfortable to walk in that I felt like I was going to fall over, plus the books looked weird on me??? My friend has a pair and I like her’s but with the pants I had on, it was a no go. Next the sweater dress also was a fail. They seemed to accentuate my curves in all the wrong ways. I tried it with and without a belt, but it made me look short and round like I was just wearing an oversized shirt. So I guess the 80’s can keep their styles they are not for me.


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