Panera Bread Salad Dressing

paneras fuji apple salad dressing I never knew you could buy Panera Bread Salad dressing at the super market… Is this something new or was I living under a rock again? I love their Fuji Apple salad, but I always wanted it with real apples instead of apple chips! What do you think I had for dinner tonight. The best thing was the dressing tasted right! You know how sometimes when you buy the grocery store version of a restaurant food (like the frozen TGI Fridays stuff or Boston Market) it tastes NOTHING like the real thing, well this does and I am super happy.


2 Comments on “Panera Bread Salad Dressing”

  1. Monique says:

    Where did you get the Panera dressing from? And also, do they sell Panera Greek Dressing?

    • karencookiejar says:

      I found it at a local grocery store, but I would call around because not all of them carry it. It was also in the refrigerated salad area, not with the other bottled dressing. And yes, they have the Greek salad dressing, because I have that one as well and they all taste exactly like at the restaurant.

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