I’ve been searching for a good brainstorming, mind mapping, idea notebook. Whatever you want to call it. I  have a 5×6 notebook that I like that I got years ago, but it’s getting full and  I want to reorganize. Today I looked at a regular sized book with kittens on it, one was sleeping. But I don’t like that full sized notebooks aren’t cute and it isn’t as enjoyable to write and read them. Oh, I just remebered I really used to like notebooks that were about 5×8 or so.. I’ll have to check out one of those again. I’m shocked at how expensive notebooks are these days. It is back to school time, but most of the notebooks I looked at were about $3 and up. When I was in school they were a $1. I remember I couldn’t have a trapper keeper because they were around 10 and too much.

I loved cute notebooks, I want to make a mini scrapbook,  but I don’ t know where to start. I have a 4×6 scrapbook paper book that I want to use, but I guess I should just punch some holes and use string to attach.

I’ve been watching youtube videos to learn to do new things. I forgot how boring school is. It’s like being back there. I’m trying though, but it’s hard to pay attention.



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