Sunday morning updates

They changed my hours at work at and I have to work nights now, I’m not sure how I feel about this… I’ve been working morning’s for almost 10 years, now during the time when I’m usually relaxing in front of the TV or eating dinner, I’m working. I think this is another motivator for me to make something out of Squidoo pages.

I’m trying to be more focused today on internet things. I realized I was wasting a lot of time online just surfing and browsing and reading and learning, but not really doing anything productive to the future of my Squidoo pages. It took me a year or so to really understand the power of Squidoo. I told my friend at work about it years ago, but had only made one or two lenses and was seeing quarters trickle in monthly from the lens rank tier three and didn’t understand how anyone could be successful. Then I had a popular lens take off and finally understood how the system works and lensrank.

My friend at work signed up and has made one page so far, if you want to make a page for free too go to:

She couldn’t believe how easy it was to create a lens. She thought it couldn’t be so simple. She made one Amazon sale so far and already has her lens in tier 3 so she will get about a quarter a month, but that is $3.00 per year and if you have 100 or 200 lenses all in the third tier that could be $25 – $50 a month all for hardly any work at all. You can be sitting in front of the TV and squidooing about the show you are watching, a cute handbag one of the character’s used or the hanging Moroccan Lantern you saw on an HGTV design show.

My cat smokey is doing well, he has grown a lot of fur around his collar and is feisty as always.

I’m only getting older, not younger, so there will come a time when I can no longer work my job (I’m on my feet and lifting and carrying things all day).
Some other new Squidoo pages:

decorating a christmas tree ideas

daguerreotypes for sale


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