New Squidoo updated and lenses.

g66g3e – Have your ever typed a domain name incorrectly?

I finally realized the real earning potential of Squidoo. As soon as you have popular lenses in the top tiers, with lensrank below 85,000. You will earn an adshare each month based on how high the lens ranks. Lens rank is about quality content and getting search engine traffic to your site. I was earning about $.25 per page for tier 3 lenses, now, while this may be chump change there is $5.00 for level 2 tier and around $25-$30 for level one, that means if you had only 10 level 1 tier lenses you could be making $280 per month just from these 10 squidoo pages with no up front costs.

I’ve noticed an increase in lens rank from keeping my pages updated, so I will continue to tweak my content weekly to keep them fresh.


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